Four pins fastening fb

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می 4, 2019
Four pins fastening
می 4, 2019
بست چهار پیچ fb

بست چهار پیچ fb

Four pins fastening fb of Foulad Bast Iranian

The FB  is made of a ductile material. Its components consist of 2 leaves and 1 piece, 4 screws, 4 round beads and 4 washer of 3 moles. Two tubes are used. The use of the FB chamfer FB is for The projects that they use are 90 degrees.

The FB screw is more expensive and more expensive than other fasteners, and the FB’s folding bolt is lighter than the folding bolt.

The FB’s four-piece FB-socket has a total of 20 number per bag and a weight of 29kg each.

The FB  has a national standard national badge as well as a valid warranty.

The FB has a standard national , category B and FB logo.

Fouladbist Iran Co. is the first manufacturer of ductile fasteners and supplies of scaffolding supplies in Iran
  The  company produces various types of fasteners. The company complies with the national and international standards
Fouladbust Iran  Company has a scaffolding cloth for its logos and health of its customers.

 Purchase the original FB main bolt with the national standard logo, category B and FB logo

“Trust us, Save your money”


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