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Bastard fastening
May 2, 2019
Insole fastening
Insole fastening
May 2, 2019

Connecting buckle

Connecting buckle of Foulad Bast Iranian

Material: Tube 2 inches thick 2/5
Application: To connect two tubes
For projects with a length and width of more than 6 meters
With a logo and a registration number 127013


The Foulad Bast connecting buckle is made up of the tube of the pipe, with its components consisting of 2 bolts and 2 bolts of round 19, to be used to connect two tubes. The use of bolted bolts is used for projects with a length and width of more than 6 meters.

The Foulad Bast connecting buckle is 25 in each bag and weighing 21kg each.

The Foulad Bast connecting buckle has a national standard badge and also a valid warranty.

The Foulad connecting buckle with a carved steel name and has a registration number 127013.

Foulad Bast Iran Co. is the first manufacturer of ductile fasteners and supplies of scaffolding supplies in Iran.

The production of scaffolding fasteners conforms to the national and international standards.

Foulad Bast Iran Co. has been manufacturing scaffold fasteners for the logos and health of its customers.

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