Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The best way to understand the original product with respect to non-original goods

    Check the registry number 127013 and the vital logo
  • Are your products fully manufactured in Iran?

    Yes, all of our products are made by Iran and made to the market by Iranian forces.
  • Hello, how old are you? How big is the weight of each FB core?mr .Mohammadi

    Hello, Good morning, Mr. Mohammadi, the weight of each fb number is 1,400 grams
  • Do not be tired and greedy. What are the number of pins in each bag? Mr. Islami

    Hello, Mr. Islami, good times. The number of batons in Iran is 20 pcs per person and weighing 31 kgs each.
  • Which of your products is best-selling and fast? Mr. Eskandari

    Hello Mr. Eskandari, we have a four-legged baton that sells more than the other products: a four-piece bolt with a registry number of 127,013 and a carvature logo is vital, a fb bolt with a standard logo and a B-class carved carcass FB. Twisted bolt is faster than the four-piece set.
  • Greetings to you for your purchase of original products and secured purchases. Mr Saberi

    Thank you, Mr. Sadouri. Good time. You can pay attention to the registration number 127013 with the number 127013 and for the four pillars of the steel. Please be sure to look at the following address for the purchase of the item in order to order the goods. Sales office: Northwest Mall-Blocks Block 463 and 462 Phone: 021-66674753
  • Hello, Mr. Alireza Hayati, Engineer John Khodoghat, told you about the incident that happened and the scaffolding fell. What is the reason for this in your opinion? Is the scaffolding really going to hit the wind?

    Hi Motahhari, goodbye 😊, in connection with the incident that occurred when the scaffold crashed by blowing, one of the reasons is this: * Almighty God is in every case * The second reason is that * the scaffolds are not well restrained and the fastenings that the standards It was not necessary and sufficiently used. * Sometimes there is a need for a great deal of quality and costly purchases.
  • With a great deal of pleasure, please insert in the canal that the fasteners of the four steel screws and the fasteners of the four screws, FB, and the bolt of the single bolt, each capable of bearing how much load? And how much weight is to be considered in the calculation for load bearing in bunkers (scaffolding under reinforced concrete) for fasteners? Mr. Leak

    Hello, Mr. Lek Luo, Good time. Four rounds of steel fastening: 6 ton load bearing FB Fully loaded: 4 ton load bearing bolt. Fully loaded bolt: 6 ton load bearing bolt. Single bolt: 1 ton load. Foursquare steel bust. Iranbast. FB. Folded bolt. They were used for sub-concrete
  • One-piece screws that can be repaired?Mr. Lek Lo

    No can not be repaired
  • Is the difference between the steel fastener FB fastener? Application of two screws to Mr. Lek Lo

  • Hello, dear engineer, I wish you could appreciate the price of the tube and tube on the channel, while considering the status of the telegram, if you have other channels in the channel, thank you Hessam Shishe chi

    Hi, goodbye, Mr. Shishechi is good, yes, as soon as possible. For other uploads, you will be notified
  • Hello, my engineer, I'm not scaffolding, but I see many projects involved in using scaffolding. Some fasteners only have a vital logo that I uploaded. I think these pictures are for your blade. Omidolomi, a member of the channel, umid Omid Oluomi

    Hello, Omid Alomy Thank you for being a member of the channel and you like it ❤️ In connection with the photo you sent, these bundles, which are only vital to the company, are not for the Iranian steel company, and the main steel fastener on the four-leaf bolt, the leaf is number 127013 and The undersigned name is named. The vital logo is registered in accordance with the photo I am sending
    لوگو فولاد بست ایرانیان

    لوگو فولاد بست ایرانیان

  • Hello, Dear Vivid Engineer, Products that you are producing are dedicated to scaffolding or other products, and if we provide you with fashion goods, we will produce that product for us. Thanks Mrs. Armaghan

    Hi Dear Mrs. Armaghan, The Iranian Folklore Company, considering its capability and ability, therefore, can ask you to produce other products, examples of Armenia, Iraq and other neighboring countries according to the requested sample, production we did . You can also send us your sample application. Check out our high-quality, high-quality product and try it out. Trust you
  • What is the benefit of your engineer with your other colleagues? Mr. Rahmati

    440/5000 Hello, Goodman! Good times! ‰ The products of Fooladbust Iranian Company have the advantages of satisfying customers. 2. Guaranteeing the health of workers. 3. Dactyl products. 4. National standards. 5. Quality management certificate. 6. Products delivered to you in the shortest time. 7. Replace the steel boss that you buy from your company. Buy the original banner with the registration number 127013 and the carved logo. Trust, save, and save.

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