بست گردان فولادبست ایرانیان
Bastard fastening of Foulad Bast Iranian
March 10, 2018
بست گردان فولادبست ایرانیان

Bastard fastening

The quartz fastener is made of 2 pieces of leaves and 2 pcs, 4 pcs of fb, 4 pcs. Of round  21, 4 pcs of 3 piston washers and a pitch of 28 x 16 pcs.
 Two tubes are used. The use of a four-piece Bastard fastening for projects with a rouge of 90 degrees with less, as well as in rotary and round surfaces, such as oil and theater age and …

The Bastard fastening  of the barbed steel barbed wire is lower compared to other bundles

The four-piece Bastard fastening of the Iranian brass bundle is 10 in each bag and each weigh is 22 kgs.

The four-piece battalion of Iranian steel brass has a national   badge as well as a valid warranty.

The Fifth Fastener of Iran has a national standard logo, the category B, with a logo and number 127013.

Foulad Bast Iran Co. is the first manufacturer of ductile fasteners and supplies of scaffolding supplies in Iran.

The company produces various types of fasteners. The company complies with the national and international standards.

Foulad Bast Iran Company has a scaffolding cloth for its logos and health of its customers.

  The main Bastard fastening is made with the logo of the national standard B logo, with the logo B and the single registration number 127013.


“Trust, Saving up”


بست گردان فولادبست ایرانیان

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