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More than half a century ago, with the aim of serving and eliminating part of the needs of the civil engineering industry, there has been a lot of experience and expertise in the casting industry. The first place in the field of production and supply of the requirements for the installation of scaffolding in construction projects and Development of the country as its mission. Production and supply of quality products with the aim of satisfying customers on the one hand and guaranteeing the health of the workers of the civil engineering industry, on the other hand, is a valuable asset that is trusted by the managers and employees of the company.

The company seeks to provide all the scaffolding requirements of the country's construction and construction projects, including the types of fastenings and scaffolding fittings through the use of first-class materials, under the brand name of the national and under a reliable brand, and at a reasonable and competitive price, and in the lowest The timeframe has been put at the disposal of its customer groups, including contractors and engineers of construction and civil engineering projects, as well as scaffolding service contractors and large public and private companies in Iran.

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The prominentbrand in producing and supplying fasteners and all scaffolding requisites, having more than 40 years of experience, presence in large national projects with Iran's national standard badge and quality management certificate

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